As a result of our commitment to a circular economy, Énergie Forma+ has adopted a zero-waste business model which is an alternative to the current linear model that involves extraction, transformation, and consumption of natural resources that are ultimately disposed of in landfills. Our company embraces the circular approach based on closed-loop consumption principles, aiming to both maximize the use of resources and eliminate waste.

This process considerably reduces the extraction of raw materials by using resources already extracted as sparingly and efficiently as possible. Opting for a circular economic approach, Énergie FORMA+ adopted a zero-waste business model.


With the Énergie Forma+ process, organic waste is recycled by anaerobic digestion - a process that produces renewable carbon-neutral biogas.

The production of this natural gas from a 100% renewable source reduces GHG emissions in two ways:
— By replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable energy
— By avoiding methane emissions generated by organic waste in landfill sites.

By producing and consuming this biogas locally, we conserve natural resources, increase green energy's share of overall energy, and foster our energy independence.


Our solution to the problem of increasing greenhouse gas emissions : A Reproduction of the Cow's Digestive System!

Like cows, our digestive system produces:

- Renewable natural gas
- Residue (digestates) used as organic and ecological fertilizer 

« We are constantly rethinking our production methods in order to consume fewer resources and protect the ecosystems that generate them! »

Yan LeHouiller - President, Energy.


  1. INPUT - RNG results from the degradation of industrial, commercial, and institutional organic waste.
  2. PRODUCTION - Organic waste is sent to a biodigester for transformation into biogas. This biogas is then purified to produce a gas that is perfectly interchangeable with natural gas. This process also produces an ecological, organic and 100% natural digestate in both solid and liquid forms that can be used as a fertilizer.
    — Solid digestate: potting, compost, litter for farm animal
    — Liquid digestate: organic fertilizers replacing chemical fertilizers for lawns, golf courses, public parks, and farm land.
  3. INJECTION - RNG is measured, odorized and controlled before being injected into the Énergir network for distribution throughout Québec.
  4. RECOVERY - Once injected into the Énergir network, the RNG can be used for all the same applications as conventional natural gas: transportation, heating, cooking, hot water, etc. Furthermore, since it is produced locally, RNG allows for the development of a circular economy in regions.

Want to recycle your organic waste?

Our experts will analyze your needs in order to present you with an offer that meets your business objectives while taking concrete action for the environment.